Home Improvement Startup BidaFi Seeks Investors via Equity Crowdfunding

Home Improvement Startup BidaFi Seeks Investors via Equity Crowdfunding

Planned upgrades and expansion already underway to meet soaring consumer demand.

PASADENA, Calif., Sept. 30, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As Hurricane Ian barreled through Florida, home improvement stocks like Beacon Roofing, Owens Corning and Home Depot were up 5%. Upward trends in the home improvement sector are nothing new as homeowners continue investing in their homes. First, home sellers were spending money to command higher listing prices. Now as the housing market cools due largely to soaring mortgage rates, homeowners are spending their money on upgrades, expansions, and repairs to homes they plan on living in for a while.

Where is the upside for suppliers of materials and labor? Everywhere. No other company better embodies this than BidaFi thanks to the founders’ insightful positioning of the company at the epicenter of building materials and the skilled labor necessary to install them regardless of the prevailing housing market forces at any given time.

BidaFi plans to renovate the home improvement market through automation, transparency, and confidentiality. Their proprietary platform starts upstream with manufacturers and/or trade suppliers that join BidaFi and pay a monthly fee to be on their platform. The supplier bundles together the manufacturers specified materials to properly complete an installation. Contractors, who may also pay a monthly fee to be on the BidaFi platform, pre-select the bundles they prefer to offer in their geographic areas and add their labor and profit to the bundle to arrive at their installation price.

When a homeowner confidentially enters their zip code and answers a few basic questions about their project, the BidaFi platform calculates the contractor’s price by a multiplier and a bid is automatically generated. Homeowners may then be able to review the numerous bids from the contractors and secure the financing available for their project.

Once the homeowner selects the bid they prefer, a preliminary contract between the homeowner and contractor is generated, with the manufacturer’s specifications built into it, to ensure the correct materials are delivered and installed to ensure compliance with the manufacturers’ warranty. This then leads to a completed transaction with the desired outcome.

BidaFi plans to take a process that currently takes days or even weeks and reduce it to mere minutes by giving consumers real bids in real time leading to sales generation on the fly.

To invest or read the offering circular visit https://bit.ly/3RpQVOV

The BidaFi corporate website – https://www.bidafi.com/

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