Core Health & Fitness Overcomes Supply Chain Challenges with Redwoods Logistics’ Solutions

Core Health & Fitness Overcomes Supply Chain Challenges with Redwoods Logistics’ Solutions

Core Health & Fitness, a leading manufacturer, seller, installer, and supporter of high-quality commercial fitness equipment, has recently turned supply chain challenges presented by the pandemic into a strength by partnering with Redwood Logistics, one of the fastest growing Fourth Party Logistics (4PL) providers in North America. Core Health & Fitness selected Redwood to deliver end-to-end visibility via a fully integrated solution, enhancing its global manufacturing supply chain.

Core Health & Fitness not only manufactures a wide variety of its own products but also acts as the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for many top-tier brands in the fitness industry. The pandemic strained their already complicated global supply chain, due to changing customer habits. With a firm commitment to enhancing the customer experience during this time, Core Health & Fitness sought a logistics partner with staying power.

“Our partnership with Redwood Logistics has been instrumental in overcoming the supply chain challenges brought forth by the pandemic,” said Bryan O’Rourke, CEO of Core Health & Fitness. “Redwood’s robust, fully integrated solution has provided us with the end-to-end visibility we required to enhance our global manufacturing supply chain. We’re now not only able to ensure a seamless customer experience, but also to further solidify our commitment to quality and innovation in the fitness industry.”

Redwood delivered a unique combination of logistics execution and supply chain technology to improve overall business processes, service, and experience for Core Health & Fitness customers and internal stakeholders. Oracle OTM and GTM implementation and integration formed the starting point to upgrade Core Health & Fitness’ tech stack. Redwood also integrated project44 into the solution via RedwoodConnect™ for enhanced visibility. Furthermore, Redwood analyzed LTL data, determining that LTL rate savings could fund some of the technology enhancements.

“Core Health & Fitness demonstrates today’s need for shippers to implement a modern 4PL. By utilizing our logistics execution and supply chain technology expertise, our modern 4PL strategy helps our clients navigate the complex challenges of both physical and digital supply chains. Our 4PL approach is built upon RedwoodConnect, offering customers like Core Health the ability to leverage an open ecosystem app store for logistics to drive value across the organization,” stated Michael Reed, Chief Product Officer at Redwood.

The results have been transformative. Redwood drove nearly 9% LTL savings for Core Health & Fitness, enabling them to invest in technology upgrades that provide end-to-end visibility now and mitigate the ongoing maintenance and support requirements of their future state logistics technology. With increased visibility and nimbleness, Core Health & Fitness can now integrate its entire global supply chain to provide agile service to its customers and partners without being hampered by a legacy framework.


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