Moxy Hotels And Sanctuary Team Up For Astrological Travel.

Moxy Hotels And Sanctuary Team Up For Astrological Travel.

Planning your holiday adventures according to your star sign, known as astrological travel, may seem a little quirky, but its popularity is growing by leaps and bounds. Wanting to capitalize on this trend, Moxy Hotels, an experimental brand that is part of Marriott Bonvoy’s portfolio known for breaking the rules of the traditional hotel stay to give guests a playful yet stylish experience, has teamed up with Sanctuary, a community of astrology readers. The result? Today’s travelers are given the opportunity to take trips that are literally written in the stars.

The partnership will feature Cosmic Curations, astro-adventure guides, harnessing the power of astrocartography to bring consumers free personalized travel recommendations including when to travel, where to travel and even who to travel with based on their birth signs.

Through astro-adventure guides, personalized travel recommendations and unique guest experiences at Moxy Hotels around the globe, travelers will now have the opportunity to align their wanderlust to the stars like never before.

So what does the future hold? Moxy and Sanctuary’s new Cosmic Curations will help travelers find out. Utilizing the power of astrocartography, the Sanctuary app will now feature free personalized travel date, location and companion recommendations specifically tailored to global Moxy destinations. Sanctuary social channels and will also feature ongoing astrology-based insights, travel-inspired horoscopes and interactive content, allowing the cosmically-inclined to craft their best travel year yet, no matter when they pack their bags.

When touching down into Moxy Hotels worldwide, guests will now be welcomed with fresh, playful experiences, including:

  • A new Sip by Sign menu of cocktails and cosmically-inspired coffee foam patterns, helping guests manifest a positive stay right from check-in.
  • A cosmic twist to Moxy’s signature Bedtime Stories program. Using the retro chic in-room rotary phone, guests can choose to hear 2024 predictions based on their birth sign’s element; listen to a serene Sound Bath or take a journey into their psyche with Dream Interpretations.
  • Bespoke, localized programming and experiences at global Moxy locations. Highlights include Aura Photography sessions at Moxy Virginia Beach in February, ‘Destination Destiny’ travel planning on the spring Equinox at Moxy Warsaw Praga, a full moon watch party at Moxy Lisbon City this April, Valentine’s Day astrology and tarot reading at Moxy Lower East Side and dozens more.

Brian Jaymont, Global Brand Leader, Moxy Hotels, explains, “The Moxy brand has always been rooted in fun, so we are continuously looking for unexpected ways for our guests to explore and play during their stay with us. Astrology and mysticism are not passing fads. They are passions and guideposts for people around the world. We wanted to lean into this through the lens of travel, inspired by the practice of astrocartography, which helps people navigate the world in a way that is unique to their birth chart and star sign. We found the perfect partner in Sanctuary, a brand who shares the same playful, colorful and optimistic worldview as Moxy. Together we are helping people chart their course for travel in 2024.”

According to Lauren Ash, Sanctuary Astrologer, 2024 is ushering in a time of major astrological transition including retrogrades and transformative eclipses. “So the time is right to look to the stars to help guide decision making, including where to travel,” she says. “My job is to help Moxy and Sanctuary provide personalized recommendations to travelers via the power of astrocartography, which utilizes birth charts and astrology to help people make travel decisions that are literally written in the stars.

As the year progresses, the Moxy and Sanctuary partnership will continue to provide fresh and exciting options for astro-inspired travel. This includes engaging social media activations and partnerships, as well as a revamped that will feature immersive and interactive articles, captivating lists, quizzes, and exclusive astrocartography-based hotel insights courtesy of

“The constant transition will encourage people to get out of their comfort zone, make bold choices and set the tone for their future,” says Ash. “Transformative travel doesn’t happen without big moves. Your personal astrology can hold the key to taking that leap.”