YouTube Videos: How to Make Money

Many people have videos with hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of views. But are they actually making a lot of money? A recent news article stated that a girl who produced beauty tips videos had to quit because she was not earning enough money despite having a lot of views and subscribers.

Why is this possible?

One reason could be that the target market was not able to pay for ads, or there wasn’t enough secondary monetization. Video marketing professionals would all agree that making decent money through video creation is not possible if you only focus on ad revenues.

What could be done to improve things?

First, don’t rely solely on ad revenues. An Amazon affiliate link to a related product, or a CPA offer (Cash per Action) – where someone clicks on a link to a website and enters simple (usually non-personal) details can increase the income by a few dollars to a few hundred dollars. These offers are not a fraud, but they do extend the reach of the commission-based sales that have been a part of the retail industry since its inception. These links could be found in the description box, or in the comments section. They will be noticed wherever they are most likely to attract attention.

Attracting attention is definitely something you should do. Minimum three times per video, and possibly more if the video is longer than average. Super Youtube Views Provider caption system allows these messages to be embedded as live links. This makes it easy for viewers to become prospects or customers. It is enough to say that a live hyperlink points to something valuable or helpful for the viewer.

This call to action, also known as the “Call To Action”, is often absent in videos and other forms of advertising. It’s not necessary to assume that the viewer or reader is so stupid they don’t know how to proceed. Sometimes they just need to be reminded and pushed in the right direction.

It is better for the long-term that a viewer subscribes to an email list. YouTube does have its own system. However, it doesn’t direct a returning viewer to a producer’s latest video. An email subscriber could be directed directly to a new production. It could also be a good idea for viewers to be encouraged to visit an email squeeze page where they can receive a gift or reward in exchange for their email address. Although this usually involves purchasing an autoresponder service or mail management company, it does allow repeat viewers to be contacted and provided with more information as and when they need it.

The answer is “Yes”, YouTube can make you money, but not in the random, sporadic ad system.