The Saturday Lotto: An Online Guide For Aspiring Players

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The market for lottery has experienced an increase in the number of players in Australia over the past five years. The growth has helped propel the industry of lottery in Australia to the net worth of around 6.9 billion dollars between 2019 and 2020. The advancement of online systems, as well as greater connectivity and technological platforms have made a variety of lottery games, including the Saturday lotto popular and an thrilling game to play.

The Saturday Lotto: An Overview

Saturday Lotto is played and won every Saturday evening in Australia It is an Tatts Group product and is currently licensed under the Lott brand. The first draw was held in 1972.

It is a lottery that occurs weekly. It is played throughout New South Wales and Western and South Australia. It’s also played as a gold lottos within Queensland as well as TattsLotto within Tasmania, Victoria and the Northern Territory.

The prize could be as high as that can reach 5 million dollars or approximately 20 million dollars, or even more in advance tickets.

How It’s Played

The most commonly used and straightforward method to play is to use the regular ticket. Each line of the ticket is comprised of six numbers which represent one game. One game grants players a chance to be the winner. The numbers range from 1 and 45 and the most basic option a player has is four game lines.

Every Saturday, numbers are randomly drawn by using eight balls taken from a barrel with 45 balls. The first six balls are used being used as winning numbers and the remaining two being added as additional numbers.

Each player is awarded a prize according to the kind of division they have achieved using numbers drawn randomly.

Division 1All the six random numbers that are drawn must be identical to with the numbers that are on the prize ticket in one game.

Division 2 5 main winners on the ticket, as well as an additional number that must match that drawn number on balls.

Division 3 The five winning numbers must be identical to the numbers drawn.

Division 4 Four winning numbers have to match those drawn.

Division 5 The winning number on any three tickets, plus one additional amount on the ticket need to correspond to the numbers drawn.

Division 6 The winning three numbers must be identical to with the numbers randomly drawn from the balls.

The chance of winning increases by each division, but with a lower amount of the prize money. The winning numbers and additional number on the ticket define the kind of division won by the participant.

Advantages Of Playing Saturday Lotto Online

Security The financial transactions are made via secure payment servers which means there is no danger of the money being lost due to mistakes. The banks will keep records online of financial transactions, consequently, the cash won’t be stolen or lost.

All Information Available: Every detail of the game starting from the time, date of the draw, to odds and probabilities to the kind of ticket that is purchased and the numbers chosen are listed on the website itself. Contact information is always that players can use for any issue.

Simple: Players can do everything from purchasing to watching the game from the comfort of their home. This is a great option for players since they can view the game from any place in the world as long they have internet access.