The Future Of Health & Fitness

The Future Of Health & Fitness

The US has the highest healthcare costs per capita globally, and some of the most significant contributors to that cost are diabetes, heart disease and Alzheimer’s. All of which are linked to the lifestyle decisions we make. Poor diets, lack of exercise and excessive stress all take a toll on your health.

Today’s guest has been working in the healthcare space for years and realized that healthcare in the US keeps getting more expensive while people keep getting sicker. That’s why he started his NutriSense to make tracking your health both affordable and accessible. 

On Season 6, Episode 38 of the Making Bank podcast, Dan Zavorotny sits down and shares how he was able to identify a problem in the healthcare world and how he was able to solve that problem with his company NutriSense. On today’s podcast, Dan chats about how NurtriSense was created, how he managed to scale the company to its most recent 150 million dollar valuation in 26 months and why it’s so essential to track our health.

 So whether you’re interested in the business side of things or learning more about your health, keep reading to find out how Dan plans on changing the world with NutriSense. 

What Is NutriSense, And How Does It Work?

Before NutriSense, the only people that could use a Continuous Glucose Monitor or CGM were if they were type 1 diabetic. The issue was that they’d need a medical prescription, and the devices weren’t cheap either.

The CGM would inform the person that the insulin levels in their body were low and that they needed to take an insulin shot. With the co-founder of NutriSense, Dan was able to create continuous glucose monitoring technology that would track the glucose levels in your blood, and all that data would be available to you on the NutriSense app on your phone.

The app enables you to track all your daily activities — the food you consume, how much you exercise, how much sleep you get, and monitoring your stress levels. The app then shows you the impact those activities have on your blood glucose levels. Dan talks about how everyone’s body is unique; while someone may appear healthy on the outside, their bodies might not be that healthy on the inside, and that is why it’s so important that you track your body’s health through products like NutriSense.

How Was NutriSense Created, And How Was It Scaled?

Before NutriSense, Dan worked as a management consultant for KPMG, where he consulted for three of the top hospitals in the world. Dan knew there was potential in the healthcare space, and when he saw his friend, who is now the co-founder of NutriSense, wearing a CGM, Dan quit his job, and the two of them started working on NutriSense.

The road to creating NutriSense wasn’t easy — Dan’s job was to sell the product, but he had virtually no marketing budget. Dan started out by direct messaging influencers on Instagram to find people that would believe in the product and wanted to put it out to their followers. While thousands of people ignored him, he finally landed an influencer that loved the product, and that was the first wave of traffic that NutriSense got as a company.

Dan goes on to share how he scaled the business through the use of different channels — he started using Facebook and Instagram ads as well as SEO. Dan talks about how important it is to differentiate between channels from short-term, mid-term and long-term and take note of the benefits that come with each.

How some long-term channels can become free channels — Dan mentioned that when they started, they would go on a lot of health and wellness podcasts since they were the first company in the world doing what they were doing with NutriSense. 

One of the biggest takeaways from the podcast was that the journey of starting and scaling his company wasn’t easy, but Dan believes that for every problem, there is a solution. Dan started his company three months before COVID hit.

However, he persevered and pushed through whatever struggle he faced, and today his company has over 120 employees and a 150 million dollar valuation. Dan mentioned that most people get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make a change in the world, and doing something about that opportunity only gets harder the older you get.

So when you’re faced with a problem and you’re given an opportunity to solve that problem and potentially change the world, are you going to take it?

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Published April 16th, 2022