Lost Vape Grus 100w Mod Review

To change the temperature make sure the device is locked and then hold down the plus and minus buttons simultaneously. The overall size of the connector is about 25mm in diameter so any atomizers up that size will look extremely good on the Therion. The Micro USB port is located on the bottom front of the device and can be used for either charging or connecting to your computer to make use of EScribe. The OLED screen is nicely recessed and is both bright and clear. All of the typical information is shown such as Wattage, Voltage and Resistance as well as Amps, Battery Life and Temperature . The Lost Vape Therion 166 is the latest incarnation of the popular Therion mod but now integrated with the latest Evolv DNA 250 chipset which is down throttled to 167 Watts in order to function with two batteries.

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Installing the batteries into the Therion 166 is quite straight forward. The orientation is clearly labelled and the batteries are inserted in a parallel configuration. There is a ribbon that is placed behind each battery to aid in easy removal. Initially when inserting the batteries, they can seem a little tight to get in, however I think that is a bonus because it ensures the batteries are firmly secured and will not contribute to any mod rattle. On the top of the mod, you will find the 510 connector which is held in place by three stainless steel screws.

The extension of the presale time is because the plant extended the delivery period. The vape deals we post are not biased based on the revenue we stand to gain from a particular product. I would really like to know if it’s possible to fix or if it needs to be sent in.

Via the Escribe software by Evolv , it is possible to customise the graphic interface in colour with the Thelema DNA 250C. It also gives access to all the data and parameters of the mod. Lost Vape products have been designed with functionality, how to vape cbd mod box ease of use, and sense of fashion in mind. They also have an advanced chipset that allows the owner to customize the vaping experience. The chipset also allows saving favorite vaping settings in memory to be replicated later.

The squonk bottle can be easily refilled by taking off the atomizer and replacing it with the 30ml refill. The refill bottle and squonk bottle utilizes an air release valve for a quick and smooth refill. The control face features the modern Lost Vape design, with an oversized firing button and three adjustment buttons. The Therion 75C is equipped with Evolv’s newest Evolv DNA 75C Color chipset and has a 0.96 inch Full Color TFT Screen which displays essential data in a new and improved way. The 510 connection is machined out of high grade stainless steel while the base chassis is milled out of zinc alloy, while the nickel plated brass 510 connection ensures high level conductivity.

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Ist This Battery Cover For Dna 75 Or Dna 75 Bf?

The deck of the Delirium uses the ever so popular dual post Velocity style design with 2.5mmx2.0mm post holes, providing good mixture when it comes to build styles. Aesthetically, the Delirium is pretty much a standard looking atomizer. It is a bit of a squeeze but both battery do fit very snugly inside. And remember, this is a parallel device, so you will be getting double the mAh from your 18650’s. There are several variations on the wraps when you go to purchase the device and I believe other leather wrap doors can be purchased separately so you can customise to your hearts content. Along the front section of the Therion we have the fire button, LED indicator, OLED screen, the “+” & “-“ buttons and the USB charging/upgrade port.

It is truly a perfect combination of fashion and technology. The built-in 480mAh battery can fully satisfy your daily needs. Your final shipping cost and estimated delivery timeframe will be available to you during checkout. The cost varies depending on the size, weight and destination of your order.

The mod’s dimensions come in at 27 mm x 90.5mm x 54mm and the device is quite heavy with a weight of 380g. The design was intended to make it comfortable to hold in the hand. At the top, there’s a stainless/springloaded steel 510 connection bezel for durability and convenient tank or atty installation. The OLED screen is the same as the Therion 133 and 75 and features an innovative menu that can be customized via Escribe computer desktop software. The fire and adjustment buttons look to be stainless steel and are springy for comfortable device firing. Like the Triade, the Therion’s chassis is milled out of zinc alloy with a genuine leather wrapped battery door.

You can adjust your temperature from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. It will fire TC builds as low as .08 ohms and kanthal as low as .1 ohms. Of course, like most DNA mods, the Therion automatically senses the resistance of your coil so there is no need to manually set the resistance. Along with that feature, there is also a wide variety of safety features and warnings built into the board. Therion DNA75C packs Evolv’s groundbreaking, colored DNA75 chipset inside an ultra-stylish mod bearing that unmistakable Lost Vape design language and craftsmanship. With the power of the Escribe software behind it, vape your way with finely tuned temperature control, security features, power delivery, and fully customizable display information.

Evolv, not Lost Vape, performed this throttling, and Evolv identifies this board as the DNA 167. And, of course, if you want something more potent you’re free to go with the equally amazing Lost Vape Therion DNA 166 ($149.95 via DirectVapor) which offers more power and the same excellent build quality and design. However, what makes it really stand out is its “replay” mode, which allows the user to save the settings and get the best flavor out of the liquids when TC coils are being used. But, this feature makes the Paranormal thirty to forty dollars more expensive than the Therion 166. Both of these Lost Vape box mods are superb, and many people are no doubt happy with the Therion DNA75. But, once the Therion 166 is tried, its predecessor will seem weak in comparison.

The Grus mod is made of durable zinc alloy and comes in stainless steel, gunmetal and black finish with various decorative accents. You can choose from colourful resin panels or carbon fiber on each side of the body. The firing button sits in a suitable position for both thumb and finger firers. As a step up to it’s siblings, the DNA75 and DNA133 versions, the Therion DNA166 certainly is out to impress. Coupling the performance of the 250DNA chip and the quality of craftsmanship that has gone into this mod, it makes for an awesome vaping experience.

You will first need to locate the USB cap, then pull it back to access to the USB port. You can use the micro-USB port to charge, upgrade firmware, use with Escribe, or to vape while charging. The Lost Vape Therion DNA 133W TC Box Mod is upgraded from the Therion DNA 75 with a more powerful evolve DNA 200 chipset that outputs to the Max.

I think the quality of the finish really helps here, as it is so smooth and well completed. The curved battery door and contours of the mod aid in reducing fatigue to almost nothing. The weight and balance is spot on and can be used in either hand in any orientation. The display offers all of the information you need including Voltage, Resistance, Wattage, Amps, Battery Life and Temperature . It advises if resistance lock is activated and will tell you if you are in a locked mode, which locked mode you are currently in. If you do not like the layout or the information provided by default, you always have the option to customize the screen layout via the Escribe software, to which you need a PC to make that happen.

The Therion 167 integrates the newest Evolv dual battery chipset in the DNA 167 while maintaining the beloved chassis design and luxury materials that the Therion has become renowned for. Evolv’s DNA 167 is the down tuned variant of the DNA 250, the current flagship from a line-up widely considered to be the most advanced and sophisticated chipset manufacturer today. The Therion 167 features an output range from 1 to 167W with an industry leading 97% power efficiency rating.

133W. Its much-higher wattage by dual batteries is more suitable for experienced vapers or those who prefer a stronger version of the Lost Vape’s solid style. All of our products come from the e-cig brand factories directly, so the price is cheap, but 100% ORIGINAL. There is a security code on the product packaging, you can scratch the security code to check the authenticity. Overall, it looks great, feels great and the dna chip it amazing.

Lost Vape is available online or instore at our five Melbourne vape shops located in Bundoora, Cheltenham, Dandenong, Nunawading and Pakenham. Powered by dual batteries, can be charged via Micro USB port. With a intuitive 1.3 inches OLED display screen for convenient use. The IJOY Captain PD1865 Mod, a mod capable of 225W maximum output, 0.96-inch OLED screen, temperature control suite, and effective fine-tuning settings.

The magnets and ball system ensures a snug battery door fit and snaps into place. The real Ebony wood inlays are the feature that turns the Therion from a BMW to a Rolls Royce; a very elegant touch to differentiate this device from all the others out on the market. The fire button and up/down buttons are the same aluminum construction as the Triade and the placement is easy to find with the hand. The buttons are large and operate very smoothly, which really makes this device comfortable to use for long periods of time.

I ran the case analyzer and set the internal resistance as well. Lots of times DNA mods aren’t programmed for that from the factory and left at 0. I used the tool myself and adjusted it correctly to .005 so they were pretty close and you really don’t need to worry about doing it yourself on this mod. Constructed from a polycarbonate material, you’ll find that the quality is just as impressive with the actual pod cartridge.

The 510 threading is made with a very high grade stainless steel, and the spring-loaded 510 pin is brass, plated in nickel for the maximum conductivity ever in a Lost Vape box mod. Reverse Battery Protection – You would think that this feature is something inherent in all modern box mods, but this protection is new to the Evolv DNA 250. Remember, the DNA 200 board was designed to be used with LiPo packs, not 18650’s. Now, with the DNA 250 (and the Dual DNA 167), it’s a feature of the board. Charging at 1A brings the recharge time down substantially, and charging an at 2A is lightning quick.

There is also a magnet on the top of the battery sled to ensure that your battery cover stays put. The contacts for your battery are gold-plated and spring-loaded. On the bottom of the mod, there is some company branding but surprisingly there is no venting present. The body of the mod has a carbon fiber inlay with a snakeskin battery cover. The color scheme just goes well with the look and feel of this mod.

With DNA75 driving this mod, you can dial your coils for the perfect vape experience. Running dual 18650’s in parallel you have an all day vape with only one charge. Man if I was in the market for another dual battery device, this would be the one I’d buy. Now that there is a 133 or 166 version it makes a bit less sense I guess. I don’t like the size/weight of 3 battery mods, and don’t need 200w so for me it makes perfect sense.

The Lost Vape Therion BF DNA75C Box Mod is a legendary squonk mod. It utilizes the popular Evolv DNA75C chipset, and is powered by a single battery. This vape mod is capable of firing up to 75W with an incredible 85% efficiency rating, which means that your battery charge will last that much longer. Many vapers switch to mechanical mods to get better performance, but the Lost Vape Therion 75C does deliver an awesome vape, it performed well in all our tests. Wattage was reliable and consistent, and we were able to use the mod with a number of different tanks and RDAs – something that always appeals to most of our test group. It is important to note, though, that this beautiful device doesn’t really do anything that other 75 watt mods can’t do.

When ran in dual battery configuration, the maximum amount of power to retain the 97% efficiency rating is 166W. Just as the case with the DNA200 chipset outputting 133W in dual battery mode, you’re still getting all the amazing benefits of the Evolv DNA250 chip just at a lower wattage figure. The 166W will be plenty for most vapers and covers a wide range of Sub-Ohm Tanks while still giving the higher wattage RDA/RTA’s plenty of boost.

Even Temperature Control mode worked very well without any hitches along the way. I did a few dry burn tests to which it passed with flying colors. The TC mode gives you a real time temperature reading as you vape telling you where it is at any given time. buy relx pods melbourne I honestly didn’t find any difference in TC mode if I locked the resistance or not, so I can tell you this mod is very very capable. To change the temperature, make sure the device is locked and then hold down the plus and minus buttons simultaneously.

Overall, this is one you should go for as it’s a reasonable buy. Boost functionality that allows for a gradual increase of the initial vaping power when a temperature-sensitive atomizer is not in use is also possible. You can go from low to high wattage vaping as you search for unique vaping settings. In terms of switching between various vaping modes, the chipset allows for switching between TC, VW, VV, TC-Ni, TC-Ti or TC-SS modes. It supports 0.15-1ohm resistance coil heads so you can enjoy MTL or DTL experiences. Use of unauthorized chargers may lead to overheating and possible burning of items in contact with the device.

The only reason the Therion doesn’t make me foam in rage at every battery change is because it has good USB charging, so I use that when I don’t feel like spiking my blood pressure. The Therion DNA166 is expensive so it may not fit into everyone’s vape budget, but it’s a joy to use. If you’re into tinkering with TC or just want a classy device, I think it’s an excellent choice. As you can see the left battery contacts are sunken into the body of the mod, and this makes installing the left battery irritating.

That allows the user to switch between favorite vaping modes. And while some may say it borrows from the original Drone BF, this new version features a large-capacity bottle for longer squonking time plus powerful batteries and advanced chipset for powerful squonking. The Lost Vape was established what vape pen to use with prefilled cbd cartridge in 2014 by Frank Guo to create and sustain a healthy vaping culture for millions of vaping enthusiasts across the globe. The company set out to engineer some powerful box mods to deliver a luxurious vaping experience with the most advanced chipsets technology in the market yet.

I have just been charging with USB, but I hate doing that. Point is though I love my Therion so much that even the battery sled doesnt stop me from using it every day over anything else. I haven’t been drunk enough to pull the string on such a large purchase, but I’m sure I eventually will. To justify buying a new mod, I’d like to get a squonker since I don’t have one yet. The questionably small 510 and irritating battery replacement both make me scratch my head. People have also had issues with the button slowly failing, which I’m worried about.