How To Use Your Costco Membership To Save on Home Improvement and Repairs

How To Use Your Costco Membership To Save on Home Improvement and Repairs
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Some well-known perks of having a Costco membership are its budget-friendly prices and exclusive discounts for members. While you probably head for Costco when you want to bulk-buy groceries or other household staples, you might not have thought about checking out how your membership can help you save on home improvement and repairs.

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If you’re planning to buy a new ceiling fan, shower head or need to upgrade your HVAC system, these deals are worth a look — and some can save you hundreds of dollars.

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning  

“When your spring allergies start to kick in and the temperatures start to rise, you’ll be grateful you decided to upgrade the HVAC setup in your home,” said savings and deals expert Kristin McGrath. “Through its partnership with Lennox, Costco offers Executive members access to in-home consultations and top-notch deals on Lennox heating, cooling and indoor air quality products. When you sign up for a consultation, you’ll receive a 10% Costco Shop Card on qualifying Lennox heating and air conditioning products.”

HVAC installation isn’t the only way you can receive a 10% Costco Shop Card. 

“Costco actually offers a variety of services related to home improvement, and while you might not get an outright discount, you can earn a 10% Costco shop card based on your purchases,” said consumer analyst Julie Ramhold with DealNews. “These offers include custom home organization, residential solar systems, carpet and flooring installation, cabinet refacing, custom window treatments, water treatment systems, generator installation, custom countertops, gutter installation, bath remodeling, HVAC installation, and garage door and opener installation.”

She added, “These can be pretty pricey services, so receiving a 10% shop card can help to mitigate these costs as long as you make sure to spend the card later.”

Large Appliances 

“If you’re replacing major appliances, Costco frequently offers $500 to $700 off select items. But one of the biggest perks is that, when you buy appliances from Costco, you automatically get a two-year Costco extended warranty for free,” said McGrath. “There’s some fine print here (for example, some small appliances aren’t included). But this is a great perk because manufacturer warranties generally expire after a year.”


“Fixtures are one of the less-exciting parts of home improvement, but the cost of a new faucet or shower head can give you sticker-shock if you didn’t plan it into your remodel costs,” McGrath said. “During Costco sales, we’ve seen this kind of hardware at $20 to $60 less compared to other big-box home improvement stores. Prices vary by sales event, though.”

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Cabinet Pulls

“If you’re looking to change out cabinet handles, check Costco,” said Ramhold. “You can buy them in bulk, with a 20-count package going for as little as $32.99, which works out to around $1.65 per pull. While you may be able to find some for around $1 at stores like Lowe’s, by purchasing in bulk you can be sure that you’re getting pulls that match without the hassle of trying to find matching ones in smaller quantities.”

Ramhold continued, “Additionally, the quality of the pulls at Costco may be better than the cheapest ones at home improvement stores. Note that the styles at Costco do tend to be more simple, so if you want something intricate it might not be the best option.”

Home Security Systems

“Costco actually has some good deals on home security systems,” said Kristen Bolig, CEO, SecurityNerd. “Ring, the popular smart home security company, offers a 10% discount for those who purchase their Ring Protections Plan through Costco.”

Costco is currently offering member-only items, such as SimpliSafe Home Security Kit with HD Camera, which features a $70 manufacturer’s savings discount. Also, you can find a Ring Security Alarm 14-piece kit, which features a $60 manufacturer’s savings discount.

Household Cleaning Appliances

“Coming into spring 2022, DIY projects are showing no sign of slowing down and Costco is a proven home improvement retailer to find great prices for these projects, especially related to spring cleaning products and tools,” said Vipin Porwal, founder and consumer expert at Smarty.

“For example, the highly-rated DEWALT 10 Gallon Wet/Dry Vacuum priced at $109.99 is $40 cheaper than buying at Walmart and $64 cheaper than buying at Amazon. There’s also a $20 manufacturers rebate available that could lower your final cost under $99 before taxes. Other cleaning products and tools see similar comparable savings at Costco, and some sale items do not require a membership!”

Door Handles

If you’re looking to upgrade your interior door handles, you can score significant savings at Costco. For example, a four-pack of Kwikset Balboa privacy lever door handles at Costco is just $59.99. If you buy the same four-pack at Home Depot, you’ll pay about $28 more.

Ceiling Fans

You can save $100 or more on certain ceiling fans at Costco compared to big-box home improvement stores like Lowe’s. For example, the Hunter Exeter LED 54″ Ceiling Fan is $159.99 at Costco. The same fan is $260.48 at both Lowe’s and Home Depot.

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