Benefits of tweed that make it the best fabric for autumn

Tweed is a fabric that has been around since the 18th century, and all this time it has been highly-appreciated and beloved both by the working class and the noblemen. Today, some might find this fabric too imposing, as it is really different from the ordinary cotton or even wool, but if you learn how to dress it up, you can end up with many chic outfits, both formal and casual. Tweed has numerous benefits that makes it worthy to add to your wardrobe, especially during fall and winter time.

Warm and protective

To start off with the most obvious reason for why tweed is so great, this fabric is highly protective and will keep you warm even on the coldest days. The reason for this is very simple: tweed is, in fact, a fabric made of wool, and due to its natural properties such as insulating the body temperature thanks to the natural protein keratin and trapping the heat between layers. A two piece tweed suit is sure to keep you warm and comfortable during the colder season, especially when layered with other natural fabrics, for example woolen turtleneck sweaters or overcoats.

Weather resistant

Tweed is a durable fabric that can last you for up to decades, and it is also highly resistant to natural elements and bag weather. For example, it is water repellent thanks to lanolin, its naturally secreted wax, which makes it a practical addition to your autumn wardrobe. Apart from the suits and jackets, Irish flat caps are also beloved tweed pieces because of their versatility and weather resistance. Although not waterproof, a tweed Irish flat cap as these is sure to resist a light drizzle or even a heavier rain and keep you dry if you forgot  your umbrella at home.

Low maintenance

Although it is made of wool which is de facto a pretentious, high-maintenance fabric, tweed doesn’t require as much special care compared to other natural fabrics. It does indeed need to be washed at a special cycle (but preferably by hand) with a mild detergent and be sun-dried instead of thrown in the dryer, but it also doesn’t require to be cleaned nearly as often as other garments. In addition, it has a natural property to stay wrinkle-free due to its tight construction so you would never have to worry about forgetting to iron your suit and not looking put-together.

Sleek design

Compared to other natural or synthetic fabrics, tweed has a unique, stylish appearance that immediately makes your ensembles more preppy and elegant. It can be woven in different patterns, such as Herringbone, Harris, houndstooth, or Donegal, so you have a wide range of designs to choose from when shopping for a tweed garment or accessory. Apart from the pattern, the design itself is also a reason for why adding tweed to your closet is a good idea: the well fit tweed skirts and trousers, elegant blazers, and stylish dresses can all be easily combined with the rest of your clothes to create preppy, sophisticated looks.