5 Best Water Sports Activities in Cebu

Really feel the adrenaline rush and enjoy under sunlight with water sports activities within the gorgeous island of Cebu. This particular tour is ideal for adventurous visitors who want an exhilarating recreational activity. Now let’s check top 5 water sports in cebu.

1.  Scuba diving

A complete scuba diving course is able to take 3 days to complete. Start breathing underwater and discovering Mactan Island’s impressive corals in under 50 % one day for this fab Discover Scuba Diving program. After seeing a video clip and trying on gear, learn a number of simple scuba abilities within the shallows, then invest forty minutes discovering the underwater society with a dive expert monitoring your every move.

2.  Spacious Boat Rental

This boat was created for western society’s expectations. With total bath, large, complete cooking area, Wi-Fi, TV, Movies, Karaoke, Lounge Chairs, DC and AC Electric, Water that is fresh, Washing Station, 4000 Watt Inverter Generator, Fully Licensed, Registered, most Safety Equipment, along with Knowledgeable Captain, Crew. This’s simply not really a regular traditional Banca. It’s the roof of the line in training.

3.  Oslob Whale Shark Watching, Kawasan Falls and Tumalog Falls from Cebu

Combine 3 of the most favored pursuits – whale shark watching and trips to Kawasan and Tumalog falls – in one trip from Cebu. Planning all of these trips independently may be hard, though this tour makes them simple with all details organized and transportation provided between websites. Head for Tanawan to swim together with the whale sharks or even open them coming from the motorboat, then cease at both extraordinary sets of falls for exploration and photos.

4.  Jet Ski in Mactan Newton Beach

While riding Jet ski, you are able to see the Mactan Resort on the Ocean.Jet Ski racing is a drinking water feature similar to powerboat racing, where riders utilize jet skis to participate. The sport is mainly practiced at a recreational level in many places around the planet. At a naturally competitive fitness level, Jet Ski racing is common within the Country as well as in Australia.

5.  Kawasan Falls and Canyoneering Day Tour

Canyoning is an incredibly well known and a must try adventure plus adrenaline pump activity that you’ll certainly enjoy! Exploring a canyon by doing activities that are such as cliff and swimming. Be, swing, and waterfall jumping, sliding amazed by the fantastic rock formation along with a great exercise for both you and your family.

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