5 Best Chicago Ghost Walking Tours

Everyday Spirits Chicago has examined most likely the spookiest bars, back doorways, and structures in the town to create a champion among other creepy bar journeys through Chicago. Visit Forbiddance period districts consistently visited by John Dillinger, Al Capone, and assumed extraordinary encounters. The visit begins at one of the city’s most creepy bars, Red Lion Bar in Lincoln Park, and last generally 2.5 hours. Join Adam Selzer, maker, and host of Strange Chicago Visits, drives spine-shuddering virtual visits that dig into the zoo’s unpleasant history. Emerge as comfortable with in regards to the space’s beginnings as a graveyard and affirmed hauntings through the long haul. In-person visits might be open during the seven days stretch of Halloween, impending city and state rules. Return for revives.

1) Free Chicago Ghost Tours
The tour will become off with everyone on offer and introducing themselves. Your name, where are you currently from – do you have a great fact about your or your hometown? This will help everyone become familiar with each other. It’s so easier to speak to someone whenever you know their name. The guide will likely then introduce themselves, review some important details and supply a briefing.

2) Gangsters and Ghosts Tour in Chicago
Experience a colorful side of Chicago history with this specific Gangsters and Ghosts Tour. With a historian as your guide, you’ll step back again to the roaring 20’s, when the Chicago Loop was a link for bootleggers, speakeasies, and gangsters like the infamous Al Capone. Visit onetime gangster hangouts and haunted sites like the Palmer House, Congress Hotel, and Death Alley.

3) Windy City Ghost Tour
Windy City Ghosts walking Ghost Tour supplies a research the darkness that lurks below Chicago’s busy streets. Our Ghost Tour transports you back time to a time of gangsters, bootleggers, bank robbers, and jazz babies. Windy City Ghosts nightly Ghost Tours take you through Lincoln Park, a beautiful North Side neighborhood with a twisted past.

4) Haunted Segway Tour of Chicago
Glide through the town of Chicago by moonlight on this haunted Segway tour. Follow your costumed local guide because they show you the sites of some of the very gruesome murders and disasters in Chicago’s colorful history. See Chicago’s iconic landmarks lit up during the spookiest time of the year and hear in regards to the mysterious, haunted history with this storied city.

5) Haunted Chicago Ghost and Pub Walking Tour
Enjoy a memorable Chicago experience on this haunted pub tour. Your costumed guide, dressed as a Flapper or 1920s Gangster, will lead you on a mile-long journey while telling spooky stories of forgotten cemeteries, lingering spirits, and more.

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