10 Fashion-Writer Approved Purchases for a Better 2022

10 Fashion-Writer Approved Purchases for a Better 2022

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I shop for a living, which definitely has its pros and its cons. For one, I truly get to do what I love, and I often find myself justifying impulsive designer purchases as “research” or “part of my job description.” But to start off 2022, I really wanted to not just invest in vintage Galliano Dior bags, but also in products that would make my life better in the New Year. 

In doing so, I’m hoping to stick to some of my resolutions for maybe the first time ever, and honestly, I think I’ve found a couple of items — like Oprah’s favorite blender and a Smeg Espresso machine — that have proven to do just that. There’s also fashion that just makes me smile, which is probably something we could all benefit from right now. So without further ado, these are the 10 best things I’ve bought in 2022 so far, including everything from a handful of kitchen appliances to many-an impulse fashion buy (which I’ve now deemed wardrobe essential), below.

Pandora ME Pearl and Link Bracelet

I own three of these bracelets and I would buy three more in a heartbeat. Pandora is doing a lot of exciting things recently, which is exactly why you’ll see celebs like Charli XCX and Addison Rae wearing its pieces. I’m particularly obsessed with the recent Pandora ME launch; these pearl and link bracelets are the most perfect accessory. I often wear mine all together, but you can wear them individually and  even add different charms to them, too. It’s like a classy Y2k dream. 

Beast Blender

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to stop spending money on food I could easily make at home. My absolute favorite breakfast is a peachy spinach matcha smoothie (don’t knock it until you’ve tried it), but when my local shop that made it went out of business, I truly had no choice but to actually stick to my goals and attempt it at home. I listened to Oprah’s suggestion and invested in one of her favorite things from 2021, the Beast Blender. It’s completely changed my morning routine and is the only blender I’ve ever owned that’s aesthetically pleasing. Not to mention, it works better than any kitchen appliance I’ve ever owned. 

Vans x Sandy Liang SK8-Hi 38 DX Embroidered High-Top Platform Sneaker 

Ever since I started working in fashion, not a year has gone by that I haven’t bought multiple pieces by Sandy Liang. She’s one of my all-time favorite designers, and I love that like me, she’s a native New Yorker. Her designs remind me of all the things I love about the city, especially the eclectic energy that feels ethereal and grungy, all at the same time. Her most recent collaboration with Vans is the perfect encapsulation of what she does, and these embroidered high-top platform sneakers are so extremely comfortable — and probably the cutest pair on the entire planet. 

Oculus Quest 2

This is my most surprising purchase to date because it seems so entirely unlike me. I pretty much spend all of my money on clothing, so when I spend it on something lifestyle-related, you know it has to be good. My boyfriend works in tech and couldn’t stop talking about the Oculus since he’s obsessed with virtual reality, and I’ll admit, I was intrigued. But what I really wanted the Oculus for wasn’t gaming but working out. Yes, working out. Using the Oculus, you can download supernatural fitness, which has been referred to as a best-kept secret in the health and wellness community. My favorite workout is boxing, and you can even train with celebrity guest coaches like Tiffany Hadish. Honestly as much as I love an in-person workout class, having the opportunity to do this from the comfort of my home has been revolutionary. 

Dauphinette Strawberry Drop Earrings

I’m pretty sure we can all agree that 2020 and 2021 were not our favorite years ever, and 2022 is unfortunately already off to a melancholy start. Finding joy has been tough, but I’ve been trying really hard to invest in pieces that make me happy and smile. Dauphinette is always the brand I look to when I need to buy something to brighten my day or want to add a whimsical touch to my outfit. I purchased these strawberry earrings early in 2022, and can confirm they make me feel better every single time I put them on. I can guarantee any piece from the brand will make you feel the same. 

Dion Lee Ribbed Combat Corset Tank Top

Dion Lee is one of those brands that’s just sexy. Every single piece, whether it be a simple pair of low-rise, bootcut jeans or a racerback tank top, feels like the sexiest, most elevated version of that particular wardrobe staple. I bought a Dion Lee corset secondhand early on in 2020 and have worn it so many times, I knew I had to invest in a new ribbed one for the upcoming year. It’s my go-to for layering and looks incredible on top of everything. It’s one of the most versatile things I own, and even though we’re only three months into the year, I’ve already gotten my money’s worth in cost-per-wear. 

Ganni Tubular Knee-High Platform Boot

I could write a love letter to Ganni boots, and honestly, I will. They are by far the best boots I own; there really is no such thing as too much Ganni. The first pair I owned were the short red Chelsea boots, and I wear them at least once a week. After I saw Bella Hadid wearing these tall Ganni Chelsea boots, I knew I needed to add them to my collection. Whenever I feel like my outfit doesn’t look cool enough, I add these and they instantly transform the look into something that feels supermodel-worthy. Not only do they look incredible, but they also are my go-to shoe for when I’m planning on walking around a lot – they’re that comfortable. I honestly forget I’m even wearing them. 

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette

For me, one of the only good things that came out of quarantine was finally mastering my everyday makeup routine. I feel like I’ve been terrible at doing my makeup for most of my life, but now people are actually asking me for tips. I’d be lying if I tried to take all of the credit though — I honestly owe it to Charlotte Tilbury. I basically have just been using everything the iconic brand makes in hopes of looking a fraction as flawless as Amal Clooney. This eyeshadow palette is the secret to my current everyday look because it’s subtle enough to wear anywhere, even though I use the dark purple eyeshadow to line my eyes. I think it’s even sexier than eyeliner, and whenever I wear it, I get endless compliments. 

Ugg Maeve Women’s High Pile Fleece Jacket

It’s no secret that Ugg boots have been having a resurgence — everyone in Hollywood can’t stop wearing them. I’m obsessed with my Ugg Tazz mule (as seen on Gigi Hadid) but I’ve decided to start dabbling in Ugg’s ready-to-wear, too. This Ugg High Pile fleece jacket is basically an Ugg boot you can wear. It feels like a cloud and the pastel blue color is just so dreamy. 

Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine

Another one of my New Year’s resolutions was to make more coffee at home, which honestly turned out to be pretty hard because I don’t really like Nespresso pod coffee. I’ve been dreaming of a Smeg Espresso machine for years and years, and finally decided to get one so I could make the quality lattes I spend up to nine dollars on at local coffee shops from my kitchen. I have a ton of other Smeg kitchen appliances (toaster, juicer, tea kettle — you name it) and this is by far my favorite. It makes me look forward to my morning, and has given me a semblance of routine that I’ve always yearned for. It’s also just so beautiful, and the espresso it makes really does taste as high-quality as the one I would splurge on.